Who are we?

Many years of experience in food and fruit business plus a strong partnership of the right innovation enable us to constantly supply new products to meet fast-changing consumer needs.

By using advance technologies, we have been able to develop processed fruit and Thai dessert Snacks while maintaining the flavor character and their high nutritional content. We are now ready to share the FRUITY DELICIOUSNESS to the world under the brand name “RoZoCha”.

Time is the most precious thing we have in life – especially when we have limited time to prepare meals, Snacks can always be a great option. However, packaged Snacks and ready-to-eat food available today are often unhealthy and lack of essential nutrition.

Product quality is our core competency. We will continuously innovate and improve our products and services to better serve consumers. We aim to develop delicious healthy fruit Snacks for a well-balanced lifestyle, to be included in everyone’s meals…


Only The Best Ingredients

We highly focus on selecting only the best fruit ingredients. Freshness and premium quality is our top priority. Our fruits are harvested from the best farming area in Thailand, rich in soil minerals to ensure the best natural fruit taste for our consumers. We always use 100% natural ingredients without adding additives or preservatives for healthy consumers.

No Additive

No Preservative

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